Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Rainy Day Style

Raincoat: Jessica London Plus Size Tie Belt Raincoat,
Scarf: Elegant Solid Color Fringe Scarf, 

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Make rainy days more fun with this feminine plus sized raincoat, unique umbrella and fabulous argyle boots!

Friday, February 10, 2012


According to the network TLC, just 18 per cent of clothes available to buy in America are a size 14 (U.S.) or over, although the average size of an American woman is 14.

No wonder it is so hard to find plus sized clothes! 

Retro Inspired

Dress: Donna Dress (Vintage), S.W.A.K.
Flower: Hair Flower,
Necklace: Freshwater Pearl Necklace, 
Shoes: Bass Greenwood Spectator Pumps,
Purse: Lux de Ville Red Kiss Lock Purse,

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I own this cute, retro inspired dress and love it! It's made by S.W.A.K., and is available from 1X to 5X online! It runs pretty true to size and is very flattering. It's somewhat low cut, so I'll probably wear a cami with it when I wear it to work. I love the polka dots and it will be fun to accessorize with a pop of color, like the red purse above. It also comes in dark gray. Note: My dress has a slight difference than the one pictured. It has a dark gray border at the bottom, and the reverse of the belt is dark gray/front is polka dot.

Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Valentine's Date

Headband: Layered Bow Headband, Gap
Earrings: Guess Heart and Bow Earrings, Macy's
Wristlet Purse: Marc by Marc Jacobs Dotty Snake Wristlet,
Larger Purse Option (not shown): Marc by Marc Jacobs Sia Dotty,

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Cute Plus Size Modern

Earrings: Olive N Figs Coral Ball Earrings,
Purse: Large Bowknot Ruffle Bag,
Ring: Red Irregular Stone Ring, Dorothy Perkins
Shoes: Spectrum Flat, Nine West

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Welcome to Cute Plus Sizes!
Whenever I walk into a big department store, I look for the larger sized women's clothing. It's usually tucked away in the back of the store, or upstairs. I find myself scanning everything, and looking for the ugliest stuff. That's where the "Plus Sizes" are... a collection of ugly patterns, matronly and shapeless styles, things I definitely don't want to wear... it's a section of the store that obviously isn't the store's priority. Why is it this way, I wonder? Especially since the average size in the U.S. is a 14. Even when a store miraculously has some stylish things available, the choices are very few. Thankfully, there are more choices than ever now that Internet shopping is a possibility, and some companies are realizing that attractive plus sized clothing is in demand. But they still can be hard to find. This site was created out of my frustration with the way things still are in most brick and mortar stores, and to help make shopping inspiring and fun for those of us 14+. Styles that flatter larger figures will be featured and 'curated' here on my style boards, along with fun accessories. I hope you enjoy my posts, and if you have comments about the items listed, or suggestions, please share! Happy shopping! :)